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MyAiP is the suite of AI solutions, available in the cloud or on-premise, designed to manage your business processes and activities, from semantic CV screening to omnichannel customer support.

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My Artificial Intelligence Platform:
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An entire suite of powerful AI solutions, where innovation meets cost-effectiveness.
From conversational agents (ChatBots and VoiceBots) to semantic document management: MyAiP brings the future into ready-to-use applications.

MyAiP is the platform developed by Fiven for the creation of AI applications that are able to understand and interpret natural language, to learn, to analyse and to plan.

MyAiP combines powerful data-analysis algorithms with the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to provide operators from every industry with immediate and user-friendly applications.

The algorithms underlying MyAiP have been devised by Fiven in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II.

The MyAiP product family

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CV Screener, Skills Analyzer, Advanced ChatBot, Advanced VoiceBot and Semantic Doc Manager: discover the entire range of MyAiP products family.

MyAiP Chat:Advanced ChatBot

MyAiP Chat is an artificial intelligence capable of interacting textually, just like a human, with users and customers.

MyAiP Chat is software designed to animate conversations between a brand and its users.  MyAiP Chat is trained to understand and interpret natural language.

With MyAiP Chat, you can offer a fully automated omnichannel Customer Service, available 24/7 and personalized to your brand's procedures and tone of voice.

MyAiP Chat can be activated on your website and within major social and messaging channels: Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more.

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CV Screener

MyAiP CV Screener simplifies and speeds up your CV screening process by autonomously analyzing their content and classifying them according to your requirements and needs.

A great ally for HR professionals who face the need to analyze hundreds of CVs, MyAiP CV is capable of understanding the document content and extracting the most important information without bias.

MyAiP CV analyzes thousands of CVs in just seconds.

Revolutionize the entire recruiting process with MyAiP, streamlining and optimizing every step, from job posting on all your brand's communication channels to the talent acquisition journey and even the onboarding interview.

Discover MyAiP CV

MyAiP Dialogue:Advanced VoiceBot

MyAiP Dialogue is the artificial intelligence that speaks with your users and customers, just like a person.

MyAiP Dialogue is the software that provides 24/7 assistance without the need for keyboards.

MyAiP Dialogue is accessible from your website, a phone number, or through popular online messaging services such as Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more.

The VoiceBot, trained in our training center, , is perfectly capable of interpreting voice requests and providing timely and personalized responses.

Discover MyAiP Dialogue

MyAiP Express: Semantic Doc Manager

MyAiP Express is an intelligent software that analyzes, understands, and organizes the content of incoming emails and documents to classify information and autonomously distribute related tasks to the appropriate company contacts.

MyAiP Express autonomously classifies and indexes incoming documents, emails, and certified electronic mail. It goes beyond keyword identification and performs a comprehensive semantic analysis of the content in the documents, deciphering the intent and needs of the senders.

MyAiP Express can be integrated with any automated ticketing product.

The application collects, analyzes, and processes requests, identifying their context, classifying them and internally distributing them based on their content.

Discover MyAiP Express

MyAiP Sentiment:Opinion Miner

MyAiP Sentiment, powered by sophisticated deep learning algorithms, analyzes and classifies the sentiment of textual digital content produced by your audience, such as reviews and comments.

The tool monitors and measures customer and user opinions, identifying critical issues and areas for improvement. Moreover, it extracts and categorizes all the most valuable data and insights for crafting targeted marketing strategies.

MyAiP Sentiment seamlessly integrates in real-time with MyAiP Chat, the advanced chatbot, for collecting customer feedback and analyzing interactions.

MyAiP Sentiment analyzes real-time sentiment data, enabling you to conduct research based on highly customized keywords, thus extracting  valuable and timely information about the reputation of your offered products and services. Through semantic analysis of customer interactions and predictive analytics, you can exponentially improve your Customer Care service by optimizing communication with your audience.

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MyAiP Skills:the Skills Analyzer

Unleash the true potential of individuals within any team with MyAiP Skills, the AI-powered software that allows you to identify and map hard and soft skills present in your organization. Fill open positions, create talent development processes, and personalized learning paths with MyAiP Skills.

MyAiP Skills is a powerful tool capable of analysing people's present and future skills in a few seconds, collecting tactical data from any employee's card.

MyAiP Skills creates a unique repository of skills to enable you to activate a concrete talent management strategy.

MyAiP Skills is the software designed for mapping existing and future organizational skills in just seconds, collecting strategic data from the profile of each active person in the company.

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