MyAiP Express:
the Semantic Doc Manager

MyAiP Express is intelligent software that analyzes, understands, and organizes the content of incoming emails and documents to classify information and autonomously distribute related tasks to the right business stakeholders.

MyAiP Express offers support in the area of document, mail and incoming PEC management through the use of AI technologies.

How MyAiP Express works

Acquires and analyzes incoming communications.
Interprets and categorizes the content
of emails.
Directs communications to
the correct business interlocutor.
Organize and archive communications.

Discover all the features
of MyAiP Express

MyAiP Express automatically classifies, indexes and forwards incoming e-mails, documents and PECs to the correct corporate contact person.

MyAiP Express is a valuable support for the management of mailroom, complaints, help desk, technical documentation, legal affairs department and files.

MyAiP Express in fact captures and classifies incoming documents and extracts the salient data automatically, quickly and effectively. At that point, the tool digitizes paper correspondence and reduces operational errors, improving the flow of ticket management. In this way, MyAiP Express reduces time and costs associated with manual activity and makes business process execution more effective.

MyAiP Express learn and improve.

The extractor MyAiP Express reads the contents of incoming e-mails at regular intervals, interpreting and distributing them within the organization.

Any e-mails that are not included are automatically reported to a designated operator, who will instruct MyAiP Express on the proper handling of the particular type of data.

Thanks to the refined Machine Learning algorithms underlying MyAiP Express, the solution is able to constantly learn and improve.

Save time with Intelligent Document Workflow.

MyAiP Express Independently manages document workflow within business processes. It takes care of sending alerts in case of impending deadlines, monitoring the assumption of responsibility for activities, and managing everything within the given timeframe. It also automatically assigns documentation to the appropriate organizational structures, eliminating wasted time and resources.

It can be integrated with any automated ticketing product thanks to its service-oriented architecture.

It automatically recognizes and translatethe contents of each incoming document and email into the desired language.

It is constantly coached by a Training Center consisting of computer scientists, humanists and psychologists, which ensures constant optimization of Machine Learning processes.

Monitor different processes and performance via dashboards to check the performance of the tool on received mails.

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Learn about all the features of our platform.

Find out what MyAiP
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Learn about all the features of our platform.

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