MyAiP Dialogue:
The Advanced VoiceBot

MyAiP Dialogue is the artificial intelligence that speaks with your users and customers, just like a person.

MyAiP Dialogue is the advanced VoiceBot that can handle complex conversations with extreme efficiency, as well as interact vocally with users and customers with the naturalness typical of a human operator.

How MyAiP Dialogue works

Install MyAiP Dialogue in all your channels, internal and external. From the intranet to social, MyAiP Dialogue takes care of your users' needs.
Offer 24/7 support; collect leads; activate cross-selling practices; offer personalized product/service configuration experiences.
Get insights and constantly and accurately measure Customer Satisfaction.

Discover all the features of MyAiP Dialogue

MyAiP Dialogue handles complex conversational flows and simplifies communications.

MyAiP Dialogue manages user interaction and provides the ability to enter predefined responses through the configuration of a conversational tree. MyAiP Dialogue allows users to independently reach the desired information in an intuitive way.

MyAiP Dialogue accompanies the user in troubleshooting. Naturally.

MyAiP Dialogue is integrated with an advanced context recognition system. The solution anonymizes and stores conversations in its DB, tracking and recognizing patterns of needs expressed by new users. This enables the Voicebot to deliver consistently - and increasingly - consistent and satisfying experiences.

MyAiP Dialogue speaks Italian natively.

MyAiP Dialogue speaks Italian natively, and has been trained by a team of Italian psychologists, engineers and linguists. This has enabled the solution to achieve an unprecedented degree of understanding of the language and its nuances, as well as to offer a fluency and naturalness unprecedented for a conversational agent.

MyAiP Dialogue improves Contact Center and Customer Care performance.

MyAiP Dialogue provides your users with always-on service and allows you to provide 24/7 support, reducing operating costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

MyAiP Dialogue helps to create a fully automated customer service, where the customer dictates the timing of the service-with the ability to pause and resume the conversation at any time in full continuity, even days apart and on a different channel.

MyAiP Dialogue can be integrated with leading messaging services and voice assistants.

MyAiP Dialogue integrates seamlessly with popular messaging systems -from Telegram to WhatsApp to leading digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance and Siri.

Create personalized experiences for each of your customers.

MyAiP Dialogue instantly recognizes the user who, upon initiating the conversation, enters its credentials to authenticate itself. The VoiceBot is then able to personalize the experience, retrieving all useful information for its interlocutor-from preferences to data, from documents to interaction history.

Recognizes context and memorizes conversations.
To improve.

MyAiP Dialogue anonymizes and preserves every conversation. Integrated with an advanced context recognition system, the solution recognizes and exploits complex interaction patterns, ensuring privacy and effectiveness.

Customize the offer and sale of products and services.

MyAiP Dialogue, recognizes and identifies users' needs, and is able to accompany them in configuring tailored products and services.

Our conversational agent interacts with customers and prospects in a natural way, helping them to best define needs and even going so far as to propose complementary products and services.

Provides an intelligent business dashboard.

MyAiP Dialogue provides companies with a customizable Business Intelligence dashboard. From the dashboard, it is possible to analyze data (target composition, keywords, ...), generate charts, accurately identify emerging needs and issues, as well as collect contact information and distribute any pending (second-level help desk), fairly, to all operators.

Collects and monitors leads.

MyAiP Dialogue collects key information about the lead's habits and socio-demographic profile through user dialogue. It also provides a centralized repository containing all collected leads, multiplying new business opportunities.

It allows real-time monitoring of performance through a dashboard that is fully customizable even in KPIs.

It is constantly coached by a Training Center of computer scientists, humanists and psychologists capable of ensuring continuous optimization of Machine Learning processes.

It allows all reports to be filtered dynamically and enables export of salient data to popular formats, including Excel.

Send a "Tips & Stats" report on a monthly basis containing the most relevant insights that emerged during the reporting period.

It is based on the vocabulary and syntax of the Italian language and is also available in an English version.

Send Push notifications to specific user segments, with a shift from broadcast to highly profiled communication.

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