MyAiP CV:  CV Screener

MyAiP CV Screener simplifies CV screening processes by automatically analyzing data and ranking resumes.

MyAiP CV Screener is the dedicated solution for HR departments. A great ally of recruiters throughout the screening process, from gathering salient information to selecting ideal candidates.

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of MyAiP CV

Bulk analyze thousands of CVs in seconds.

MyAiP CV excels at reading and interpreting Word and PDF documents, extracting, organizing, and enhancing the most relevant information for recruiters.

MyAiP integrates with common enterprise systems.

MyAiP is available both in the cloud and on-premise, ensuring a smooth interface and seamless integration with the most commonly used business systems.

Rank CVs by hard and soft skills.

It quickly and efficiently retrieves information from resumes in line with the position sought, identifying ideal candidates based on both technical and soft skills.

MyAiP CV reads and understands.

The refined machine learning algorithms underlying MyAiP CV enable the solution to correctly decode, master and understand the natural language of complex content.

Extract candidates' salient information by generating a ranking, even unbiased.

It performs an unbiased ranking among the extrapolated information and checks how compatible they are with the searched location making your search smarter.

Compare profiles by Relative and Absolute Score: the former directly compares CVs, the latter indicates adherence to the position sought.

Create custom queries, based on the characteristics of a particular employee.

Reports missing or conflicting information to HR by allowing manual completion or sending a request for completion to the candidate.

Use georeferencing to initiate a search based on distance from the workplace.

How MyAiP CV works

Upload CVs from any database.
Applies customized search criteria and keys.
Create rankings and compare resumes by extracting salient data.
Contact the candidates most in line with your search.

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Learn about all the features of our platform.

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