MyAiP Sentiment:
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MyAiP Sentiment is an artificial intelligence tool that classifies and analyzes the sentiment of textual digital content using Deep Learning.

MyAiP Sentiment is a powerful AI tool designed for analyzing text conversations involving brands, products, and services. MyAiP Sentiment makes it possible to monitor user and customer satisfaction, and to implement the best retention and expansion strategies.

How MyAiP Sentiment works

Monitor user and customer comments and conversations in every active channel.
Analyze, interpret, and recognize the positive or negative sentiment of each textual interaction.
Identifies the product or service segment being commented on.
Create reports and report any critical issues and problems.

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It extracts valuable data and information about the reputation of products and services.

MyAiP Express Independently manages document workflow within business processes. It takes care of sending alerts in case of impending deadlines, monitoring the assumption of responsibility for activities, and managing everything within the given timeframe. It also automatically assigns documentation to the appropriate organizational structures, eliminating wasted time and resources.

Improve your Customer Care by semantically analyzing customer communications.

MyAiP Sentiment uses advanced Deep Learning techniques that revolutionize the approach to analyzing brand communications, enabling companies to better understand consumer feedback.

Using semantic analysis of customer communications, MyAiP Sentiment optimizes customer service, enabling companies to quickly adapt to market needs and increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

MyAiP Sentiment analyzes and understands in real-time the sentiment contained in large masses of complex textual content.

Using advanced sentiment analysis based on proprietary algorithms, the tool is able to distinguish the smallest variations - positive or negative -within a cluster of comments, with 90 percent accuracy.

Real-time analysis of comments can also be performed through the use of custom keywords.

Improve your products, services and strategies by listening carefully to your users' needs and expectations.

MyAiP Sentiment makes it possible to monitor customer satisfaction in real-time. You can assess the validity of complaints and grievances and activate useful response and reward strategies to strengthen the relationship between user and brand.

It dynamically groups and categorizes real-time information, providing a detailed overview of trends and changes in customer behavior.

It easily integrates with popular business intelligence, CRM and social media tools.

Displays aggregated data in a customizable dashboard, with the ability to export detailed information and graphs in various formats.

It has a flexible architecture
- on premise or in the cloud - that allows compliance with all security and data protection policies, specific to each company.

It improves the accuracy and ability to interpret a human language over time through continuous training based on newly acquired data.

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