MyAiP Skills:
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MyAiP Skills is the ideal ally for a complete and immediate view of your People's potential.

MyAiP Skills is the solution that allows complex skill-oriented searches of internal resources and enables identification of the best skills for any internal job position.

How MyAiP Skills works

Initiate an employee search for an internal Job Position.
Select requirements and enter custom search filters.
Collect the salient information in a single employee card.
Generates unbiased ranking of internal talents.

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Analyze and monitor skills within your Company.

MyAiP Skills is the application that intelligently analyzes and stores employee data. It is capable of linking, integrating and reprocessing - through advanced search algorithms - present and structured data within different company systems.

It gives you quick access to individual people's skills and experiences. Through a single repository, it is possible to find all information about the company's employees, enabling HR to focus on Talent Management.

MyAiP Skills centralizes key information about each resource in the Single Employee Card.

Through the Single Employee Card, MyAiP Skills provides a detailed card containing all the information about each employee including skills generated from all the information scattered across different company systems by presenting it in one centralized system. The information displayed is different depending on the role of the person viewing it.

Enables effective allocation of resources on different activities and jobs.

MyAiP Skills helps you plan to acquire new skills to meet changing market demands.

MyAiP Skills makes it possible to assess an employee's talents and skills also with a view to future professional development and to vere greater control over the training needs of employees.

Enables complex skill-oriented searches that detect whether an employee will qualify for a certain position based on the skills he or she will acquire in the future - those that he or she will be able to acquire in the time interval prior to when he or she is to take up the new position.

Deal with changes and possible defections with peace of mind. Maximize your team's efficiency through smart resource management.

MyAiP Skills helps you identify the need for a new resource to be redeployed for reasons of replacement due to resignation or maternity leave and retirement. Through a punctual search, the tool allows you to identify the best and closest resource for the position by showing you employees with the required characteristics, or who come closest to those characteristics.

In this way, HR will know what gaps, if any, need to be filled with respect to the outgoing resource and arrange for any upgrades (training courses, certifications, shadowing, etc.) for the resource who may replace him or her.

Fully integrated with SAP and other common business software on the market.

Reports missing or conflicting information to HR by allowing manual completion and/or sending a request for completion to the employee.

Group and categorize employee data through a fast and efficient real-time reporting tool.

MyAiP Skills is also useful for employees, who can view their profiles, make changes or corrections, and view documents and notes.

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Learn about all the features of our platform.

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